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asnt able to claim the series win

ATHENS, Ga. Seahawks Jerseys Authentic China . -- Jacob Eason has shown flashes of his enormous potential.Then there are times when he looks very much like a freshman quarterback.Like this past Sunday, when he threw for only 29 yards in Georgias victory over South Carolina, the fewest passing yards by the Bulldogs since 1990.Coach Kirby Smart shrugged off Easons up-and-down play, saying thats to be expected when youre starting a guy right out of high school.Hes had his wow moments and hes had his bad moments, Smart said Tuesday. You know that youre going to inherently go through some of those. Youve got to encourage, youve got to teach, youve got to improve him as a player so theres progress there.The Bulldogs (4-2, 2-2 Southeastern Conference) are definitely counting on Eason to show improvement, beginning with Saturdays game against Vanderbilt. But they also realize its not always going to be a steady progression.There are going to be some bumps along the way, and Eason could be challenged again by a Commodores defense that it tied for fourth in the SEC in passing yards allowed (215.3 per game).Smart never considered benching his quarterback in the 28-14 victory over the Gamecocks, even though he completed just 5 of 17 passes, with one touchdown and one interception.The way the Bulldogs were running the ball -- they piled up 326 yards behind Sony Michel, Nick Chubb and Brian Herrien -- allowed them to largely control the tempo of the game, which never felt as close as the score might have indicated.I dont think that decision is based on statistics, Smart said. Its based on your ability to execute and perform within the offense. Sometimes outside circumstances affect statistics, whether its dropped balls, whether its poor breakdowns in protection, whether its tipped balls. Theres a lot of things that affect that.While Smart said every starting position is up for grabs on a weekly basis, he seems intent on going with Eason through thick and thin. That means fifth-year senior Greyson Lambert, who started all but one game a season ago as well as this years opening victory over North Carolina, is likely to remain on the bench for the rest of his college career.Easons poor performance was not entirely his fault. The game, which was delayed a day by Hurricane Matthew, was played in a strong breeze that appeared to affect some of his throws. There were also several drops, which has been a problem at times for Georgias receiving corps.But Smart said there are plenty of areas where Eason can improve.Hes got to do better with his play-action fakes. Hes got to be more detailed with his drops. Hes got to be more exact in reading coverage. Hes got to be able to communicate a little better, the coach said. All of those things have been a work in progress since he got here. Its not like youre saying `Oh, this is what hes not good at. This is what hes got to improve on.Smart credited Lambert with doing his part to help Eason learn the nuances of the college game.He meets extra with Jacob each week to go through coverages he sees and helps him learn how to study film, which is really important for a freshman, Smart said. Youve got to understand, these kids didnt study high school film like they have to study in college.Easons teammates havent lost confidence in their young quarterback.After all, he did come through with a 20-yard touchdown pass on fourth down to beat Missouri in the closing minutes, not to mention that 47-yard touchdown pass with just 10 seconds remaining against Tennessee, which would have pulled out another victory if not for the Volunteers completing a Hail Mary scoring pass on the final play.Its a learning curve, Michel said. Youve got to know what it feels like to not succeed before you succeed.Game notes Defensive lineman Jonathan Ledbetter is expected to play for the first time this season against Vanderbilt. After two alcohol-related arrested during the offseason, Ledbetter served a six-game suspension. Hes handled everything weve asked him to do very well, Smart said. Well work him into the rotation. How much hell play will depend on how he practices this week.---Follow Paul Newberry on Twitter at . His work can be found at .---AP College Football website: Authentic Jacob Martin Jersey . -- The proud fathers huddled near the Dallas Stars dressing room, smiling, laughing and telling stories while wearing replica green sweaters of their sons team. Authentic Rashaad Penny Jersey . At a Manhattan federal court hearing, attorney Jordan Siev said his law office has gotten more evidence nearly every day to support its lawsuit accusing MLB and Selig of going on a "witch hunt" to ruin Rodriguezs reputation and career. He said the defendants went "way over the line. . -- The Missouri Tigers might not have a roster full of superstars. Day 2FinalsThe grand final of the 2016 Hearthstone World Championships was a European showdown between Artem DrHippi Kravets and Pavel Pavel Beltukov. DrHippi got out to an early 1-0 lead on the back of his Dragon Warrior against the slower CThun Warrior of Pavel. He looked poised to take a 2-0 lead, but a big Flamestrike from Pavel cleared DrHippis board and swung the momentum enough to tie the series at one apiece. Game 3 was a classic Druid vs. Druid showdown, with both players jockeying for position all game long. DrHippi tried to turn the tides with a Yogg-Saron play, but it came up short and Pavel locked up the 2-1 lead.Game 4 was another classic matchup between CThun Warrior from Pavel and the Malygos Druid of DrHippi. In the late-game oriented matchup, the outcome wasnt clear for quite some time. DrHippi once again tried to make a power play with his Yogg-Saron, but it ended up killing itself before doing much damage. Pavel then used his CThun to clean, thus winning the game and the showdown between Old Gods. Not content to go quietly into the night, DrHippi grabbed a win in Game 5 with his Zoo Warlock. He controlled the board all game long and was able to easily defeat the Malygos Rogue from Pavel.With his back still against the wall, DrHippi pulled out his Druid once again to try and top Pavels Rogue. But for the third time this series, DrHippis Druid came up short. Pavel brought out a massive 10/10 Edwin Van Cleef that essentially won him the game and the right to be crowned the 2016 Hearthstone World Champion.SemifinalsCheonsu vs. DrHippiThe second semifinal of the day saw Kim Cheonsu Cheonsu take on Artem DrHippi Kravets for the last spot in the grand finals of the 2016 Hearthstone World Championship. Another series, another 1-1 tie to start things off. While Cheonsu took Game 1 with a big Malygos swing turn, DrHippi put his faith in the Old Gods and took Game 2 with some Yogg-Saron magic. Game 3 was fairly straightforward, with Cheonsu using his Midrange Shaman to defeat DrHippis Tempo Mage.DrHippi bounced back in a big way in the final three games of the series. After a strong win with his Zoo deck against Dragon Warrior in Game 4, DrHippi put his faith in The Firelord, which helped him grab a 3-2 lead. His Ragnaros was an absolute sniper, as it hit on both a 50/50 and 1-in-3 shot to fuel a big comeback. He then closed out the series with a Game 6 that saw DrHippis Tempo Mage prevail against the Dragon Warrior of Cheonsu.Jasonzhou vs. PavelThe first semifinal of the day saw Jason Jasonzhou Zhou take on Pavel Pavel Beltukov for a chance at the grand finals. The first two games were tightly contested, with both players taking a game apiece. Jasonzhou grabbed a Game 1 win with a late-game, top-decked Doomguard for lethal, while Pavel used some early ramp cards to top Jasonzhous Dragon Warrior in Game 2. Pavel took his Tempo Mage into Games 3 and 4, but he posted two very different results. He couldnt overcome Malygos Druid in Game 3, but parlayed an RNG-filled final play with a Firelance Portal to take down Jasonzhous Dragon Warrior to tie the series at 2-2.An early misplay with an unactivated Edwin Van Cleef from Jasonzhou left him at a huge disadvantage in a Game 5 Rogue mirror, essentially gifting Pavel the win. Needing just one more win to claim the series, Pavel used his CThun Warrior to take down Jasonzhou with a big late-game, 14/14 CThun that locked up the gamme and his spot in the grand finals. Authentic Alex McGough Jersey. Day 1QuarterfinalsHotMEOWTH vs. DrHippiIn the final quarterfinal of the day, America saw its last hope, Edwin HotMEOWTH Cook, take on the European powerhouse, Artem DrHippi Kravetz. When the deck lists were submitted for the tournament, HotMEOWTHs Warrior deck was the biggest story, as it was an extremely unique variation of the once feared Grim Patron deck. As a result, fans were eager to see the deck in action and HotMEOWTH gladly obliged, opting to use the deck throughout the series.That became a major misstep, as DrHippi won the series in convincing fashion, sweeping HotMEOWTHs Warrior deck in four straight games. Ragnaros the Firelord closed out Game 1 for DrHippi, but he had to earn the rest of the wins in very close matchups. A terrific play with the Midrange Shaman during Game 3 was the highlight of the series, as DrHippi managed to weave through constant board clears to find a 21 damage Bloodlust combo for the win.Cydonia vs. CheonsuThe third quarterfinal matchup was a battle between Julien Cydonia Perrault of Canada and Kim Cheonsu Cheonsu, representing the last hope of the Asia-Pacific Region. Game 1 would wind up being the only competitive match, as the two Warrior archetypes -- Cydonias Control vs. Cheonsus Dragon -- came down to the wire. The decks proved evenly matched as it was never clear who would win until the very end. Despite four straight turns within two damage of lethal, Cheonsu could not find the necessary damage, falling to Cydonia in Game 1. That would be Cydonias only win, however, as Cheonsu was able to take command from there. After his Zoo Warlock took out Cydonias Tempo Mage deck in Game 2, Cydonia committed to his Secret Hunter deck, a move that backfired spectacularly as he lost the final three games. Cheonsu will face the winner of the Edwin HotMEOWTH Cook and Artem DrHippi Kravetz matchup in the semifinals tomorrow.Amnesiac vs. PavelThe second quarterfinals series saw William Amnesiac Barton take on Pavel Pavel Beltukov in a battle between North America vs. Europe. Early on, Amnesiac looked poised to take an easy sweep over the European player. He won a hotly contested Game 1 by putting his faith in The Firelord, relying on a ridiculous 33 percent lethal Ragnaros shot to win the first game before easily taking Games 2 and 3. From there, the tides shifted and Pavel made a roaring comeback, completing the reverse sweep on the back of some incredible microplays and game-changing RNG. Every time it looked like Amnesiac had stabilized, Pavel drew into the perfect answer and kept on rolling. With the win, Pavel will now move on to face Jason Jasonzhou Zhou in the semifinals.Jasonzhou vs. HamsterJason Jasonzhou Zhao was able to grab a 4-2 win over Zhuo Hamster Wang during the first quarterfinal matchup of the weekend. The start of the series appeared to be close as each player managed to split the first two games, but Jasonzhou pulled away as the series progressed. Facing a 3-1 lead, Jasonzhous Dragon Warrior wasnt able to claim the series win in Game 5 thanks to a late Ragnaros draw, which allowed Hamster to heal himself out of lethal range, and force a concede. But Jasonzhou was able to bounce back and earn the win thanks to yet another strong Dragon Warrior Play in Game 6. NFL Jerseys Cheap Stitched Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Throwback Jerseys Discount Jerseys Cheap Jerseys 2019 China NFL Hoodies ' ' '